1- Organization and presentation of the race


Troll Enez Morbihan is organized by the association Loc'h Nature.



Sunday 3 September 2017


Site: www.trollenezmorbihan.fr               Mail: trollenezmorbihan@gmail.com
Contacts: Stéphane: 0630746457             Francis: 0617100688


The "Troll Enez Morbihan" is an endurance event, affiliated to the French Federation
Triathlon, alternating swimming at sea and running.


Total distance 48 Kms (42 Kms in running and 6 Kms of swimming)
9 sections of running
8 sections of Swimming


2 Prerequisites for participation


2.1- to participate, you must be in teams of two, aged 18 minimum, be
Excellent physical conditions.


Justify 2 Half Iron Man and / or 2 runs of more than 40 Kms in both
last years. If you do not meet the requirements, please contact
The organization in order to expose your motivations.


2.2- each team member must have such liability insurance.

2.3- In case of cancellation, registration fees will be refunded only 75% in
Exchange of a medical certificate, given 2 months before the race and 50% one month
Minimum before the race.
2.4- it is allowed to change one of the team members, a week before the start of
The test.
2.5- The updated triathlon license or medical certificate stating the absence of against-indication
Practice of Swimrun in competition or triathlon in competition of less than one year is required.
2.6- no external sale of the stake is not allowed.


3- Conduct of the race


3.1 Procedure


• 3.1.1- route is marked or labeled.
• 3.1.2- participants must follow the signs of the course under penalty of disqualification

3.1.3- A schedule barrier will be installed at 2/3 of the course
3.1.4- It is forbidden to be accompanied during the race, wherever


Whether of the course (land, sea, islands)
3.2 Controls and supplies


3.2.1- Checks will be made all the way.
3.2.2- The refueling areas will be in place on the course.
3.3- Aid Stations

• 3.3.1- there are several aid stations which participants can ask for help.
• 3.3.2- presence of a medical team on site, as well as equipment
Rescue on a boat, throughout the duration of the race.


4- Equipment


4.1- General


All teams must transport their equipment during the race, under penalty of being


4.2- Mandatory equipment for all competitors


• 1 combination T ° 12 ° c (short sleeves allowed)
• 1 whistles
• 1 survival cover
• 1 pair of goggles


4.3- Compulsory equipment provided by the organization


• 2 jumpers that must be worn visibly throughout the race.
• 2 bathing caps visibly worn during swimming


4.4- Recommended Equipment


Pull boy (regular size), backpack (or raider's belt) to wear
Compulsory equipment.


4.5- Check equipment before the race


Before the race, a compulsory equipment check will be carried out.


4.6- equipment authorized NO


Buoyancy aid with dimension> 100cm x 60cm.


5. Timing


5.1- Timing


The chronometer is carried out from the starting line of the first
Passage of the finish line of the second crew member. (A team member alone will not be able to
Finish line) Prohibition to continue the race alone without its pair.


6 - Liability runners


6.1- General


- participants must know the rules and apply them.
- the participants must respect the other participants, the organizers, the
Spectators and residents on the course of the race.
- it is forbidden to use unfair methods to obtain benefits.
- doping is prohibited in accordance with the regulations in force


6.2- Before the race


- Formal prohibition of recognizing or training on the course.
- Authorizations are issued only for the day of the race. To recall some
Portions of the course are private.
- The Gulf of Morbihan is renowned for its strong navigation and its important currents,
Therefore we urge you to comply with the aforementioned rules.
- In agreement with the elected officials, the route will be communicated only on the day of the race.


6.3- During the race


- the participants undertake with full knowledge of the facts, including risks
Incurred and shall not be liable to the organization for any accident or incident


Which occurred during the race.
- All teams have an obligation to help as much as possible any team in danger.
- a team that abandons must report it to the organization as soon as possible.
- the participants must not throw waste into the environment, under penalty of
Immediate disqualification of the team.


7- Regulation


7.1- Jury race


• 7.1.1- The jury is composed of a Director and two people in the organization.
• 7.1.2- The jury of the race enforces the rules, decides the outcome of


Disputes, elimination, a change of race or rules.


• 7.1.3- At least two board members are required to make a decision.


• 7.1.4- The jury used common sense to make a decision on a situation that


Is not provided for in the Regulation.


7.2- Challenges


• 7.2.1- A challenge must be in writing to the organization within


One hour after the end of the race.


• 7.2.2- A protest must include:


- the time and location of the incident.


- the number of the team and the signatures of the members of the team


- the number and names of the team (s) involved in the incident.


- the reason for the dispute


- if possible, include a witness with the name or number of the control team.


• 7.2.3- A dispute which does not meet the above criteria will be ignored.
• 7.2.4- A jury's decision will be communicated to involved as quickly as possible.


7.3- Disqualification:


If the following facts are found to be true, the disqualification of a team shall not be


Recourse and no discussion:


• Absence of an item as part of compulsory equipment for the duration of the competition


• Use of prohibited equipment


• Failure to respect the course marked by the organizers


• Discharges of waste by competitors outside the zones provided for this purpose.


• Insults or threats against volunteers or members of the The Organization.


• Refusal to be examined by doctors during the event.


• Refusal to give up despite the physical condition deemed inadequate to pursue
The test by the medical team.


• Dangerous behavior of a competitor vis-à-vis himself or others Competitors.


• Use of assistance or assistance outside of the race.


8- Security

The binomial must remain indissociable on the course. The team members of each pair
Must not separate more than 100 m on land and not more than 10 m in water.
The organization can stop a team if it feels it is in trouble.


9- Media Sponsors


9.1- The race bibs can not be changed and must be worn at all during the race.


9.2- By signing the entry form, each entrant expressly consents
The organizers of the Troll Enez Morbihan and its partners and media to use the
Stationary or audiovisual images on which it may appear, taken at the time of its
Participation, on any medium including promotional and / or advertising documents,
Throughout the world and for the longest period of time prescribed by law, regulations,
Treaties in force, including any extensions which might be
For that period. Each participant who opposes the use of his / her image,
May notify the organizers in writing.


10- Registration fee:


3 slices from 263 € to 323.50 € / team depending on the dates of registration.
263 euros until 31 March
283 euros from 1 April to 30 June
323.50 euros from 1 July to 31 August
The costs of connection (bus and boat shuttle) and meals on arrival included


11- Modification or cancellation of the event
If For adverse weather reasons or any other major event
(Technical, political ...), the organization reserves the right to cancel or modify the event.


Should this occur, no claims or damages of any kind
Can not be held against the organization.
The sums already paid by the competitors will be reimbursed on a pro rata basis
The preparation of the event.


IMPORTANT: By the mere fact of their registration, all competitors undertake to comply with these rules and thereby
Organizers for any incident or accident which may occur as a result of the Compliance with this Regulation.


Good race for all !